Shopping channel SHOP24 –

A 24/7 live TV shopping channel broadcasting 365 days a year, providing informative and entertaining live video content (14 hours per day), with a particular focus on plus-size women’s clothing, fashion and associated accessories

The SHOP24 channel audience is more than 25 000 000 subscribers

The main audience of the channel

Women with an active lifestyle, living in cities.

More than 75% of orders are made by our regular customers who have already made purchases with us during the last year

The whole range of offers can be ordered by phone
or on the website of the store

Clothes and accessories
Beauty and health
Goods for home, cottage and rest
Kitchen goods
SHOP24 Online Store

Any product from the range of the TV shop is easy to order on the site.

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Leaders and experts of SHOP24
Dmitry Sinitsyn
Maria Fadeeva
Maxim Ratiner
Yuriy Katkov
Olga Shilova
Andrey Predelin
Natalia Beresneva
Anna Berezina
Maria Bachenina
Alena Trunova
Alain Nakempiy
Anton Morozov
Alexander Navikovski
Nina Malivanova
Zlata Chugunova
Alex Vois
Evgenia Filatova
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