• Over 8 years of its existence, LEOMAX group of companies has amassed a wealth business experience, proving to be the leader in the market of TV shopping in Russia with multibillion annual sales.

    What is LEOMAX today? More than 1200 of employees,
    10 companies in 4 cities engaged in 2 e-commerce concepts:

    • SHOP24 (Live Home Shopping Channel) – selling the goods live on TV and through the website www.shop24.com.
    • Multichannel Retail – five TV channels, selling unique and novel LEOMAX brand name products.
  • Win-win concept – a situation where in a result of negotiations, both parties involved come away happy.

    LEOMAX company seeks to use this concept in their cooperation with all the partners, which now include Gazprom: The Space Systems, Rostelecom, MTS, CTC-Media, Tricolor TV, Russian Post, Video International and others.

  • We make and receive 20 000 calls every day. Every day we deliver 10 000 packages.

    More than 100 million viewers have access to one of the THREE of our television channels.

    We have 30 000 SKU to sell every day and more than
    1 000 000 product units we have in the storage.

    We assume that next year one in two people in Russia will see our ad on one of the central television channels.

  • According to the research data only 30% of customers are willing to make an order via the telephone or buy it through the internet. The remaining 70% are more likely to purchase a product when they see it on a shelf in retail store.

    Our annual sales have reached multibillion figures while we were selling to those 30%.

    The remaining 70% come to retail networks to see and buy our products.

  • LEOMAX television channels – had been honored with prestigious national awards Big Digit and Golden Ray 2012 in Best TV Shop nomination.

    The company's channels comply with international standards and are members of the international ERA association.

  • Audit documentation provided by PwC, an international consulting company, annually confirms that LEOMAX is profitable and financially trustworthy.

    We show sales growth every year and set our nearest goal to achieve high financial figures in order to make the initial public offering of the stock shares of the GС.

    Being on the way toward this goal we are open for communication with strategic investors.

  • «Since we started to work with LEOMAX in 2013, our annual sales have increased more than twofold».

    Invest Accord company

    «LEOMAX team is made of very experienced professionals who always keep their promises».

    Mega Opt company

    «It is really interesting to work with LEOMAX. They are open to new ideas and demanding in terms of price and quality».

    Rosinspect company

    With the support of a massive advertising campaign and a multichannel sales model provided by LEOMAX, your original product or brand will be recognized by millions of people.

    • 80% of our customers are satisfied by the quality of purchased products.
    • Over 90% of the customers mention that LEOMAX advertising is easy to follow and triggers positive emotions.
    • 91% of the customers would recommend their friends to buy from LEOMAX.

    Data is taken from the annual Home Shop catalogue customers survey.

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